Episode 12
Hwoarang the poor


I bring some friends with me to the ogre lord island in dungeon Despise.


They sure are taking their time getting to the island!


Vandyke and Hwoarang are casting blade spirits onto the poor ogre lords


It was pure chaos at the ogre lords!!!


It does not take long for Hwoarang to hit the ground.


He is ressed by Vandyke and recovers his things

Never tell this to a looter...


A fierce battle begins to gain looting rights for the missing regs! Unfortunately the ogre lords body was blue to me and Hwoarang recovers his regs.... This does not look good for Jones!

Ah ha! I manage to snag 3k from an unlooted ogre lord (yes that is correct, I will loot anything from anything and anyone).


I loot yet another unclaimed ogre lord body whilst they are busy telling me to quit...


Just then, more ogre lords appear.


Hwoarang hits the ground... perhaps I will be able to loot this time?


Thankfully this time Vandyke flee's in terror!


I settle in for a 7 minute corpse camp


Finally the body decays to bones and the looting begins! Looks like I will get the regs after all!


I do a quick bank of his things and return to the scene. Hwoarang has also returned to his now empty corpse.


Hwoarang thanks me for taking his loot. How polite of him!


I ask him what happened to Vandyke.... Seems he is more concerned about getting his things back.


But why would I give them back???


Hwoarang is one of the most persistent beggars I have ever seen!


Here comes the GM call...


That was about as much begging as I could take, so I recall out of there.

Later that night who should I run into at the bank?


I never did find out what happened to Vandyke....