Episode 10
Manois and the Vanq axe - "lets settle this in fel!.... OooOoo"


Whilst wandering around shame I notice Manois and supermage seem to be taking on more than they can handle... This is always good for a looter!


Manois offers me a heal, but I refuse as I am already at full health.


They flee to the top of the bridge followed closely by an air elemental. Manois again screams "HEAL!!!"... again I am already at full health.


Now alot of confusion follows.... Manois seems very concerned for my safety.


Ahhhh! now I understand what he means!


Some are elementals start to follow me... Manois seems to like fighting them, so I run over to him and hide!

Unfortunately Manois escapes through the grey gate to the earth elemental area.... of course, I follow them...


They flee through the gate once again.




.....Just seconds later through the gate.


But I did not say a word!


Manois manages to rez supermage and they continue the hunt! and of course, I follow!


Manois then decides he has had enough of the elementals and challenges me to a duel! I accept and tell him to meet me at the Yew moongate in felucca.


As soon as we leave the saftey of the guard zone, manois attacks me.... Excellent, this flags him as the aggressor and gives him little options for escape.

Manois is quickly brought down to about 5% health and stupidly tries to escape through the moongate! I simply could not have this.... Perhaps he did not know the moongate is a guard zone?


There is another looter on the scene, so I had better loot fast!

I try on my new clothes and ID my new axe....


Hmmm manois offers me another chance.... didn't I just win?


Why would I give him another chance when I already have his vanq axe?!


I bid him farewell and recall to the bank..... Manois is not taking his loss well.


I never reply to the petty insults of my lootee's.

Now this is what makes looting worthwhile.....