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8 Sep 2013 - Where am I?
For anyone wondering, I can now be found on the UO forever free shard. I am keeping the site as is for historical puposes. Don't bother using the email link; it hasn't worked for many years. If you wish to contact me, seek out eman333 on the UO forever forums.

26 Aug 2006 - Update!
After 4 years, I finally get around to updating the the broken wallpaper link. You can now can now download the old wallpaper from DeviantArt from here or the links above and below. Feel free to leave comments... Oh and all those crazy promises I made about adding new episodes and "various other things". Stay tuned... I shall get around to it... I promise.

21 May 2002 - Rogue Retirement
The time has come to announce my retirement from the looting and scamming industry.
I have not been banned, I simply feel that it is time to gracefully bow out. I will not be quitting the game completely, so you may still see me around...

I will continue to maintain the site, and add the remaining episodes... Perhaps even some episodes that never quite made the list. There will also be other various things added to the site.

I have enjoyed luring monsters and taking your loot.

Wether you have loved, hated or simply learned from this site...
...Farewell and good luck to thee.

~Rogue Jones

Download the looter desktop wallpaper here...

...Now on the the episodes...

75:   The vendor house of horrors!
74:   The adventures of Lucy the guild looter!
73:   Painting the desert red with Vladimir!
72:   Tomas Elvandar - Rogues do not make the best healers
71:   Hunting the valorite elemental
70:   Annaleah - A reward for my service!
69:   Bodies just waiting to be looted
68:   Bosk buys some information
67:   Elwyn Elorien - The loot of love
66:   Trying to out loot the looter
65:   Trouble in Deceit - Jones saves the day!
64:   FuSiOn II, The angry blacksmith
63:   Jones goes ghost hunting!
62:   Chopper - Never waste time getting back to your corpse!
61:   Redrohnin to the rescue! - Jones loots a newbie
60:   Fizzleby and Psyphur - Just when you thought your loot was safe...
59:   "I don't like looting... I love it!" - A day in the life of a rogue
58:   Fire and his Dragon in distress
57:   Jones and his Ogre Lord friends!
56:   "It's my party and I'll loot if I want to!"
55:   LilDimitry and Lil Sheila, flaming at the Fire Dungeon!
54:   Atheric de'Marin challenges Jones!
53:   Jones's house gets looted!
52:   Scamming night - But I already have that one!
51:   One dead packhorse and one looted Nemisis!
50:   Jones joins the T@X guild! Part II
49:   Jones joins the T@X guild! Part I
48:   Hurakan, Bait & Odin: When rogues attack!
47:   Lord Lance II and his foolish pride
46:   The looting Christmas special!
45:   Jones joins the dragon guild!
44:   Daero - The confused order player
43:   Goliath and his boards
42:   Illandor - Thank you for the regs
41:   Tempest - The cheapest vendor in Britannia!
40:   Chopper - I want that hally
39:   Always lock your boats!
38:   Pretzel - 1k for moving
37:   Zaknafein - Looting liches!
36:   Grand Dragon - Are you ok?
35:   Minolluin - 1 out of 2 aint bad
34:   "I wish to release this!"... Yoink!!!
33:   Grizzly - Not the brightest lootee
32:   Adam - Is that a vanq sword?
31:   Atheric de'Marin - Tougher dungeon than shame? Aye, Ice, where Jones's spawn!
30:   Eminem - Ice dungeon loot
29:   " It's Fun, Fun, Fun till the looter takes your new boat away... "
28:   Uni Kolt - Where did you die? (don't answer that)
27:   zeelot insaner - Don't leave your computer unattended
26:   Reaver - PKed by a bard!
25:   RocK - Shame loot
24:   Athanasius & Shane - Helping the looter loot!
23:   Elisa - Nice quick loot
22:   Jones is accused of stealing!
21:   Starblaze - "Where is my body?"
20:   Saruman & Tathar - When the 1K fee is offered, it's a good idea to accept
19:   Waylander - Death by monster herding!
18:   The two Peppers
17:   Manois Jailed?
16:   Silk - Nice of me to loot
15:   daemon - Cashing in at the ogre lords
14:   Dragoth - The loot that never was!
13:   Yuasa Akihiro - Don't go in there!
12:   Hwoarang the poor
11:   1K fee accepted
10:   Manois and the Vanq axe - "lets settle this in fel!.... OooOoo"
9:   nigel and Quell meet the ogre lords
8:   Vinhole and the Vanq mace
7:   SoulMaster - "Heal me!!! In Lor me!! Where is my body!?"
6:   Mindshadow II & Emgecius - "Who wants to buy the bag?"
5:   Hunter looted again
4:   Hunter & Woody - The friendly lootee!
3:   Ernim The helpful ghost
2:   Redrohnin threatens poor Jones!
1:   Bane - He really wants that rune


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